Travel Guides for Photographers

Whether for an assignment or vacation, the first thing I do when planning a trip to any new locale is to hit my bookstore’s travel section. I pore through one of the usual suspects like Lonely Planet or Rough Guides, looking for opportunities that sound like they’d make for interesting photography. And therein lies the rub. Many places that are interesting to read about and even visit, simply do not make for compelling photography. And even if you manage to find a site that you’re sure will make for a great photo opportunity, getting a truly memorable shot can involve extensive preparation and research. Where’s the best vantage point? What kind of access can I expect? Can I use my tripod? What time of day and weather condition will work best? Which lens should I use? 

Let’s face it, unless you’re a working pro, your travels will consist of many obligations besides photography. The last thing your traveling companions want to do is spend all afternoon watching you trying to frame that perfect shot. In short, there’s a  lot of specific information you need to know before you can capture a winning travel shot. And very little of this is contained in a typical travel guide. 

That’s where Course Technology’s 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities series comes into play. Each guide offers in-depth coverage of a single city, providing you with the most photogenic locations, helpful tips that any photographer can use, and page after page of amazing photography to inspire you. And here’s the best part; step-by-step instructions so that you can duplicate the shots in the book yourself. You’ll learn where to go and when to shoot, plus the lens and exposure information used to create the actual images on the page.

What you won’t find are hotel and dining options. For those, you can choose among the dozens of regular guide books. What we’ve put together are travel guides written for photographers, chock full of detailed information you can use on your very next visit. It’s like having a photo expert and location scout in your camera bag.

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